Experience NCCI

NCCI offers more than a workplace. We offer a culture based on our values of integrity, respect, quality and excellence, responsibility, and commitment. It’s an atmosphere that will inspire you. A place where you know you’ll be rewarded for your outstanding performance with a stable environment, superior benefits, and work-life programs.

When you experience NCCI you’ll be surrounded by caring people who show consideration, respect the differences among us, and collaborate to achieve shared goals. We are motivated by the opportunity to do challenging and interesting work, and we feel rewarded to be working for the best and doing our best work every day.

Employee Well-Being

At NCCI, we are committed to employee well-being, including physical wellness, mental wellness, financial wellness, and more. Our emphasis is on balancing key elements of life to help employees achieve total wellness.

Live Your Best Life

The goal of “Wellness Wins!” is to provide something for everyone. Employees may not be interested in all of the offerings, and the offerings may vary by location, but we hope to provide a variety of options that can enhance your personal well-being.

Living a healthier, happier life is the key reason we encourage our employees to commit to wellness. Successful wellness programs—encompassing exercise and nutrition—help healthy people stay healthy, lower the risk of disease, and help to prevent chronic conditions from getting worse.

We are committed to helping employees feel well both physically and mentally.

Wellness Center

  • Blood pressure/ heart rate testing
  • Flu shots
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Personal health coaching
  • Online health coaching
  • Weight management programs

Our Benefits

We understand that every employee has different wants and needs. That’s exactly why NCCI offers a highly competitive total compensation package with comprehensive, flexible benefits designed to make your NCCI experience the best it can be. After all, keeping our employees happy and healthy is how we keep succeeding as an industry leader. Included in our benefits are: