Manager of Data Services

Job Purpose:
Front-line management owner of activities directly impacting data rules and standards
related to data used in NCCI's core services including internal and external data requests
in support of legislative pricing and ratemaking. This role has responsibility to assess data
rules and standards and respond to how they will apply to emerging communications,
training, filings, manual updates, committee implications and requests for information on
the impact to NCCI core products and services. This includes responses to affiliates, vendors,independent bureaus, regulators and external examination requests and input to the
development of information requests/materials to support executive level communications/
meetings on data reporting issues and impacts.  Position also responsible for annual Data EducationalProgram oversight.  Position directs approximately ten (10) Data Services employees.

Major Duties:

•  Manages existing Data Services processes including communications, manual updates,
committee updates, filings, responses to requests for information (RFI) and/or responses to
proposals (RFPs), and training (including annual Data Educational Program).

•  Manages and directs assigned staff. Duties include, but are not limited to, decisions about:
hiring and staffing; position design, organization structure; performance assessment; coaching;
pay; and corrective action and separations.  Develops, reviews, and/or approves: work schedules, work assignments, work processes, PTO and other time-off requests, and development through relevant training programs for staff.

•  Identifies initiatives to improve Data Services value throughout the organization through the implementation of new and/or streamlined processes.

•  Participates in the development of Data Educational Program oversight, Data Professionals
Week, and other training initiatives.

•  Oversees department activities in accordance with data rules and standards.

•  Ensuring responses to Exams, Statistical Agent Contracts, and/or RFPs are in alignment with NCCI’s Data strategies


Required Education, Experience and Skills:

Bachelor's Degree and 8 years’ experience supporting customers using online tools &
services in a data management enterprise including:

  • Working in an environment where work performed includes in-depth analysis
  • Filling a role that requires use of team procedures and technical documentation to
    deliver on team goals and customer satisfaction
  • Performing in an environment where results are measured

5 years’ experience in a management and/or business process lead or systems process
lead role requiring coordination of staff to deliver on goals and results

In lieu of a degree, 12 years relevant work experience as indicated above including 5 years combination experience in a management and/or business process lead or systems project
lead role requiring coordination of staff to deliver on goals and results. 

  • Experience guiding Subject Matter Experts participating in projects owned by other departments - thus identifying and understanding the key strategic connections and
    industry specifications
  • Ability to develop advanced written communications and apply own skills to assist in
    developing training materials and communications
  • Experience using manuals and/or materials, to identify gaps in communications and
    department strategies
  • Ability to communicate the underlying cause of issues to partners, proposing solutions
    and revising plans based on feedback
  • Ability to lead activities such as stakeholder focus groups, communications, filings,
    and training
  • Experience serving as an industry liaison representing the interests of multiple
  • Ability to lead changes impacting core business projects/processes
  • Experience improving operational efficiency - continually looking for opportunities
    to improve the functioning of the area

Preferred Education, Experience and Skills: